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How a Professional AC Service Can Take Your Living to the Next Level

Today, almost every home has that one smart appliance that takes the challenge to keep you cool, fresh and breezy inside, no matter what weather it’s exactly outside. Yes, it’s none other than the award-winning air conditioner that is an all-weather favourite of every smart home. Can you imagine your AC pause for a moment? But machines can always malfunction. Here, only a professional air conditioning service is your next best go-to solution.

Did you ever experience a discomfort regarding your AC’s performance?

If you didn’t know already, an intelligently programmed concoction of cooling, ventilation and moisturizing of your cooling system keeps the air inside your house comfortable. The moment the balance tampers, you know you need a service without a single delay.

You thought you could fix it alone? Nay!

Your home cooling system will not always leave you with an easy-to-use DIY option when it comes to fixing an ac problem. At times, the issues are so bland that only a professional team of experts can identify the reason and provide a repairable solution. Finding them is now just a click away. However, let’s take a look inside what an air conditioning service can offer for a home of every size.

Why a service is necessary:

No, it’s not true that you should only call for a service when your indoor climate all-rounder breaks down or staggers in its top performance. A regularly scheduled service is anyway necessary to keep the sturdy machine in the pink of its health.

And this is exactly where today’s professional air conditioning service providers excel beyond their call of duties.

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They provide you with their services in the following niche…

  1. Repair
  2. Installation
  3. Maintenance
  4. Replacement
  5. Tune-ups

Benefits of air conditioning services:

Sometimes a simple dust can block the performance of your AC while at other times it could be a major fault with the compressor, thermostat, filter, evaporator, or even the motor of your indoor cooling device.

An expert air conditioning service provider will always diagnose your problem first and then come up with a ready solution.

Even if there’s no issue, just a routine check can help your system gain better shelf life. However, a regular service of your cooling system could bring you a tall-list of benefits.

Some of them are as follows…

  1. Better energy-efficient cooling
  2. More balanced temperatures
  3. Long shelve life
  4. Better indoor air quality
  5. Enhanced comfort
  6. Low electricity consumption

Why professional services always make the difference:

Did you know, only a certified air conditioning service provider could give you the best deal if you are looking to save big on your wallet? True. Hire a service based on its SEO ranking and you will never be disappointed with a wrong estimate for your service bill.

Moreover, their systematic approach to detail ensures flawless care for your machine with an impeccable attention.

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Here are the services you can expect when you hire professionals for your air conditioning service…

  1. Free quotation
  2. 24*7 support
  3. Lower cooling costs
  4. Low-frequency repair needs
  5. Special discount coupons
  6. Best industry rate pricing
  7. Zero after-hours/holiday fees
  8. Field survey
  9. State-of-the-art equipment and logistics
  10. Flexible scheduling
  11. Emergency support
  12. Multi-point indoor yearly inspection and the list is endless.

In a nutshell, always look for the licensed service providers who have a team of veterans with a promise of quality and trust. They are the ones who can restore your comfort at the earliest with a time-tested solution. What’s more, their after-service support will also ensure that your cooling machine will not need a repair soon.

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Heater Brands in Melbourne – Efficiency and Effectiveness explained

Temperature control is not the only important feature for heater operation in your home.  Your heater operating efficiency and effectiveness is also key to ensuring minimal costs of energy at optimum performance. Noise generated from air ducts from your furnace may be a cause of discomfort in your home. There are different heater brands in Melbourne that will offer high efficiency with minimal noise coming from the furnace air ducts.

Why Heater Efficiency and Effectiveness are Important

As the cost of energy continues to rise, heater efficiency is becoming more critical. One may have to choose from an electric heater to gas heater depending on the availability and cost. In several areas of Melbourne, gas suppliers are readily available at fairly affordable rates. However, with advancing technology, some electric heaters have been proven to be more cost-effective and reliable, especially for short time spot heating and small room heating. Furthermore, the electric heater will give the desired heat instantly as compared to more elaborate gas heaters that will take up to 30 minutes to feel the effect in your home.

The following are some of the heater models you can opt for depending on the needs, costs and availability of gas or electricity:

Bar Heaters
Bar heaters are effective electric heaters that directly radiate heat energy to the persons sitting within a radius of two meters from the unit. This gives an instant warm feeling that will be necessary during cold winter as you enter your room, or in your study room.

Fan Heaters
Fan heaters are an improvement from bar heaters in terms of safety as a result of thermostat inclusion. The thermostat can be set to some temperature limit to automatically switch off the heater once the temperature is achieved. It is quite popular for under the desk heating in study rooms.

These types of heaters generate heat quickly by blowing a wave of heated air to your room. The cheaper options of fan heaters utilize a wire element but are not very efficient. The dearer units usually use ceramic discs and give an improvement of 40% in energy to heat conversion efficiency.

Oil Filled Column Heaters
Oil filled column heaters are more effective for heating medium sized rooms. It is quite simple in design and heat energy is carried in the air and warms up air as it goes through the column. The heaters give an easy to breathe air since it doesn’t pump dust and other allergens to the air. It is therefore highly recommended for nurseries.

Micathermic Panel Heaters
Micathermic panel heaters utilize the mineral mica to effect heating. The panel heats up instantly to warm the air around the room making your home comfortable. The temperature control is effected using an adjustable thermostat that you can pre-set at your desired level.  The heater unit is light-weight and offers higher efficiency than column heaters.

Inefficient or poorly serviced heater systems may cause a lot of dust and carbon monoxide emissions from your furnace. This may be fatal in addition to the allergic reactions it may cause to some people. It is therefore paramount to select the most efficient and effective heater for your home and ensure regular maintenance by a professional heater technician.

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Why cleaning or replacing air filter routinely is crucial

As the mercury starts rising across Australia, it is hard to think about not switching your air conditioner in Melbourne. But are your air conditioners air filters ready for this summer?

Dirt and debris can significantly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner. One of the most important things during AC maintenance is to ensure that you have clean filters to help your air conditioner work effectively. So, during high usage time, it is important to regularly clean or replace damage air filters to help extend your AC’s lifespan, avoid costly repairs or replacement, and reduce energy bills, while also improving indoor air quality.

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Qualified air conditioner repair Melbourne suggests that you should change your air filters every month and help your AC provides the most benefits. Followings are some important reasons why you need to clean or replace your AC filters regularly.

To extend your air conditioners lifespan

A dirty air filter is one of the common reasons why your cooling system breaks down. As air can’t pass properly due to dirt accumulation, your AC’s motor starts working harder, resulting the system overheat that reduces your air conditioners life. So, by cleaning or changing the air filter regularly, air-flows will be easier and smoother, helping your AC work without putting strains on it and hence help extend its lifespan as well.

To reduce energy consumption

When your AC filter is clogged with dirt or dust, it starts working harder to keep your air conditioner to work. The harder your AC works, the more energy is consumed in the process, making your utility cost to rise. So, when you regularly clean or replace your air conditioner filter, it helps your AC work more efficiently and save from 5% to 15% on your energy bills.

To maintain healthy air quality

Maintaining healthy air quality is a crucial factor to protect your family’s health, especially when one of your family members is allergic or suffering from breathing problems such as asthma. More cautions must be given in homes with pets, because pet’s fur may be rolled up in your system, spreading allergens in indoor your living space. So, consistent cleaning or replacing air filter will help prevent the indoor air quality from worsening.

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All You Need To Know About Air-Conditioning Installation

Summer often awaits us with serious weather conditions. Many of you surely find your saving in the coolness the air-conditioning gives. Some people hire professionals to install it. That is the most proper way to go about it. Some of you, however, would like to do it alone. Read further and learn how!

Step 1- an Appropriate wall is half of the work done!

The place to install the air conditioning may seem easy. You might think all you need is a wall. There are numerous prerequisites, nevertheless, that the wall must fulfil before you put that source of little summer oasis in your home.

You must select the spot where you’ll have maximum security, Firstly the wall must sustain the weight. You also want to avoid the spots with gas leakage and sulphur likelihood. You also want to insert in darker areas away from other electrical appliances.

Step 2: Making the holes

The smaller ones

While air conditioning installation, every possibility of it falling down must be erased. Hold the plate against the wall and first check it with a level. You will fix it to the wall with plastic anchors and screws. These will go through the wall holes which you must drill beforehand.

The big one

This one is for your piping. It must be 7.5cm in diameter. Slight downward slant will give you the adequate water drainage. The opening in the mounting bracket will help you find the spot for the hole and have in mind counting the distance between the inside hole and the outside unit.

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Step 3: Connecting the electricity and pipes

Open the front cover of the unit and check the electrical wires. Make sure they are connected to the right terminals and that they match the diagram that you get with the unit. If even a single cord is not wired properly you are risking that air conditioning won’t work.

The water drainage pipe is vital for the unit’s operation. It has to be well secured to the indoor unit with wenches. Before you get it through the hole on the wall bind it with all other pipes (copper pipe and power cable) while securing unobstructed water flow and drainage.

Step 4: Installing the outside unit

Just like with the inside unit, you have to provide appropriate space for this unit. You should start by finding a place without too much dust and sun heat with 12” of free space in its perimeter. Afterwards, you need to find a concrete pad.

This pad can also be supported by rubber to reduce vibrations and away from other home appliances. The thickness has to be such that the condenser is away from winter snow.

Finally, just as with the inside unit, you should assure that the electrical wiring is appropriate. Compare it to the diagram that accompanies every air conditioning unit and makes sure they match.

Step 5: Final step

After removing the caps from the valves attach the vacuum to the service port and turn it on. When it reaches the pressure level of 10mm Hg, let it work for some time and turn it off. Check if the valves and joints leak and replace all the ports and caps.

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A Brief History Of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning installation devices are arguably one of the greatest scientific inventions of recent times. As the hot season approaches, characterised by unbearable amounts of humidity and soaring temperatures, nearly everybody turns to his or her air conditioner for comfort. Once regarded to be luxury home equipment, air conditioning units have now become necessary appliances and must-have cooling machines. It is common to find them installed in residential homes, hospitals, laboratories, government offices, data centres as well as large business premises among others. They have become an integral part of our lives, and it is now estimated that close to forty-eight per cent of all energy consumption in Australian homes is as a result of heating and cooling.

The cooling and heating technology has undergone tremendous improvements over the last few years to enhance the comfort as well as the health of humans. Before air conditioning repair appliances came into being, most homes suffered from the extreme temperatures, and this implies that homes were never comfortable as they now seem to be. In fact, people used to sleep outside during the summer for them to enjoy the relatively cooler weather.

A significant number of individuals perhaps are familiar with the nearly all types of air conditioners. However, did you know that very few people know about their history? So today in this particular post, we want to discuss a brief history of how air conditioners were developed. So peruse through the article and get to know.

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When was the first air conditioner invented?

Studies tend to show that the first air conditioner was developed in 1992, by an American inventor Carrier Willis. After completing his university studies at Cornell University, Willis secured a job at the Forge Buffalo Company. As an employee, he started experimenting with air conditioning as an approach to solving problems for the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing firm in New York. Specifically designed to enhance manufacturing process control, Willis’ first air conditioner was not only able to regulate the amount of temperature but humidity as well.

It is imperative to note that Willis, used the knowledge of heating items using steam but somehow reversed the process. As opposed to sending air through the hot coils, he sent the air via cold coils that were filled with cold water. As the air got cooled, the amount of moisture in the surrounding could now be regulated and this, in turn, deemed the amount of humidity in a room exclusively controllable. The regulated temperature and humidity were crucial to maintaining consistent paper dimensions as well as the alignment of the ink. As time elapsed, Willis Carrier’s technology was widely applied in a bid to enhance production in the workforce, and the Carrier HVAC Company of America was subsequently formed to meet the ever-rising demand for cooling and heating devices.

It is well documented that the first residential air conditioning Melbourne was installed in 1914. This particular HVAC unit was six feet wide, seven feet high and had a length of twenty feet. As you may have guessed, this unit was relatively larger and needed a lot of space. Besides, this cooling machine was costly and could only be afforded by the elite group. In 1933, the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of the United States designed an air conditioner featuring mechanical controls, a blower, a belt-driven condensing system and the evaporator coil. Indeed, this became the primary model in the growing global marketplace.

The current cooling and heating appliances, still function by the Carrier’s 1933 system but incorporate incredible advancements regarding diagnostics and controls, materials, energy efficiency as well compression.

Thanks to their perceived potential benefits, the application of air conditioners spread to nearly every part of the globe. In Australia in particular, the use of these devices started in the early 1940s, and this is according to the Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors Association. 

The future of air conditioners.

As a result of the rising energy costs, most manufacturers of HVAC units are eager to enhance the efficiency of their products. If you were not aware, numerous air-conditioning manufacturers have started to develop sophisticated microprocessor-based control and diagnostic kits that can automate the functionality of the air conditioners. This not only enhances the energy efficiency of these gadgets but equally makes them easy to operate as well. In fact, you can simply adjust the functions as well as the settings of your air conditioner from the comfort of your computer or smartphone.

Also, research is currently underway regarding the biggest thing in the air conditioning industry: non-vapour compression technology. This will ensure that the HVAC units do not use the HFCs which is known to harm the atmosphere. It is projected that this new technology will increase the efficiency of deducted air conditioning repair by up to fifty per cent!

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Air Conditioner Repair Problems

During the last few years, air conditioning units have evolved from being a luxury to necessity devices for many homeowners. You can choose from a variety of options, with every type offering its own unique benefits. Regardless of the kind of the air conditioning you may opt for, it will arguably be one of the most essential and complex machines in your home.

The potential benefits of air conditioners are numerous. Adverse weather conditioners such as increased humidity and excess heat can negatively impact on your overall health. The prospect of having a fully functional air conditioner in your home will reduce the intensity of the heat as well as the amount of humidity in your home thus making it a more comfortable place. Again, any air conditioning that is well and adequately installed, will not only renew but will equally enhance the air quality in your home.

Despite their broad range of potential benefits, these essential home appliances are often prone to a whole host of problems. Most air conditioning repair issues usually develop as a result of dirty filters and coils. This implies that if you have some little air conditioning repairs knowledge, you are well placed to solve the resulting problems by yourself. On the other hand, there are other repair problems which require the special attention of a highly-trained technician. It is worth to mention that a significant number of these AC related issues can be prevented by performing regular maintenance tips. In fact, it is widely believed that through proper air conditioning maintenance, you will experience decreased energy cost and increased performance.

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So what are some of these repair issues?

Filthy filters: You should always try your level best to ensure that you change your filters on a regular basis. If you didn’t know, the air filters are one of the most critical components of your cooling device. Dirty filters are known to restrict the free circulation of air thus resulting in your cooling device to strain even harder. Ultimately, this will have an impact on the blower of your unit, leading to discomfort concerns. Besides, a dirty filter will make your furnace to overheat, a phenomenon that will make it shut off when on the relatively higher limit.

Strange heater noises: Even though particular furnace sounds are part of normal functioning, others may be an indication that something is not quite right. A squealing motor sound can probably indicate that your blower motors are defective. Other sounds and noises might suggest that the burners are perhaps dirty. You’ll have to seek the help of a well-trained technician who can efficiently and correctly diagnose whatever the problem your unit might be experiencing.

Regular water leaks: The condensate that is usually produced by furnaces can sometimes cause problems. Even though there are always drain tubes that are intended to enhance proper drainage, air conditioners can leak water especially when the drain pipes have cracked or get blocked in one way or another. Also, the evaporator drain pan, as well as the collector component, can cause water leaks. Bearing in mind that it will be difficult for any ordinary individual to determine the source as well as the cause of the water leak, a qualified air conditioning technician should be contacted.

Ignition problems: There are some possible causes of either ignition or pilot problems. Inadequate gas supply, dirty pilot, burners or flame sensors are all possible causes. Bearing in mind that you are likely to deal with potentially dangerous elements such as high voltage and gas, you should have your unit examined by a technician who is well versed in matters regarding HVAC repair problems.

Thermostat problems: On most occasions, when your air conditioner is malfunctioning, the first thing you would always do is to examine the thermostat. There are a wide variety of thermostats, with some non-programmable while others are programmable. If yours is a programmable one, just know that its batteries may need to be replaced. This implies that you’ll have to read and understand your user manual, since it may save from paying for an unwanted service call. However, if the problem persists, you will have to contact your local technician for assistance.

These are some of the common problems you are likely to experience with your HVAC unit. As earlier mentioned, most of these issues can be prevented by conducting regular maintenance services. Have your air conditioner examined by an experienced technician at least once a year, to clean, test and adjust it if necessary. Again, you should change your filters more often. Finally, remove debris such as pollen, leaves and twigs that fall on the sides of your outdoor AC component. For additional maintenance tips, kindly refer to your user manual.

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4 Signs You Need a Portable Air Conditioner

You’ve heard a lot about portable air conditioners but are probably sceptical about their functionality. They just operate so differently from the traditional air conditioning systems we are used to, it’s hard to believe they can provide a reprieve from warm temperatures.

If you’re still on the fence about portable air conditioners, read on to find out if you are experiencing any of the signs that say you need a portable air conditioner in your home.

1. The summer season is fast approaching and you’re not sure your current air conditioner can take the heat, as it were.

If you are looking for an additional cooling mechanism for your home but are not quite ready to commit to an entirely new air conditioning system just yet, you can opt to purchase a few portable air conditioners to help complement your existing cooling system.

Among the many great things about portable air conditioners are they require less commitment compared to more traditional air conditioning units, as they usually cost less and are practically plug and play ready. You won’t need the services of air conditioning specialists or an air conditioning Melbourne technician to get your portable air conditioner up and running.

2. You just converted a walk-in closet to become a small study and reading room and you do not want to invest in a permanent air conditioning unit for space.

Let’s face it – expanding your home by building additional spaces and new rooms can be a considerable investment and can put a dent in your savings. If you weren’t able to set aside enough funds for the air conditioning of the new spaces in your home, a portable air conditioner might be an ideal temporary solution. What’s even better is a portable air conditioner is very mobile and can easily be transported for use from one room to the next.

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3. Your experience from last summer taught you that your rental apartment’s air conditioning system can’t handle the summer heat, and your lease ends in less than a year.

It’s hard to invest in appliances that are specifically suited to a home that you’re renting. Instead of replacing the air conditioning unit in the space you’re renting, purchase a portable air conditioner instead of air conditioning maintenance. This way, in case you move out of your rental apartment to your own home or another rental, you can take your portable air conditioning unit that’s super easy to transport!

4. Your current air conditioning unit has conked out on you inexplicably and from out of the blue, and it will take a few more days to claim the warranty and have it repaired.

Sometimes, when it’s at the peak of the scorching summer season, also known as the worst time your air conditioning installation can fail you, the most convenient, hassle-free and affordable solution that won’t lead to your credit card bill skyrocketing like the temperature is to purchase an affordable portable air conditioner that you can use temporarily as your main source of cool air while you patiently wait for your main air conditioning system to get fixed. It won’t provide the same results, but at least it will provide some much-needed respite from the heat.

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Why A Gas Heater Service Is Needed Before The Cold Months

Practically everyone uses their heaters in the cold months to generate heat when the temperatures drop to near or below freezing point. However, you most probably hadn’t used your heater for some time, as it wasn’t needed during the hot summer months. So there is a chance of the gas heater emitting funny smells or not working properly the next time you switch it on.

This is usually because the gas heater hadn’t been serviced for some time which is not only uncomfortable but also dangerous as the funny smells can trigger a house fire. Regular gas heater service, especially just before the winter months when you will need it the most, is the best way to prevent this.

Gas heaters work on an easy mechanism where it uses gas to produce heat. Regular maintenance not only keeps your heater working well and efficiently but also prevents fire and reduces fume pollution.

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1. Signs to look out for

These are some signs you should look for as they indicate that it’s time for a gas heater service:

  • Pilot light frequently going off or emitting popping and banging sounds when the heater’s switched on
  • Soot stains present on or around the heater
  • Heater gets really hot and the heat cannot be reduced
  • Brown, yellow or red sooty flames
  • Heater’s heat damages not only the heater but also surrounding walls and things
2. Risks of carbon monoxide poisoning

The gas ducted heating system by function emit poisonous carbon monoxide when it burns, which is designed to safely get emitted through the heater’s flue. However, sometimes ventilation, poor servicing and incorrect functioning of the ducted heating can lead to an accumulation of poisonous gases and consequent possible carbon monoxide poisoning to those living in the house.

So if you or anyone else in the house experience nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath or chest pains, immediately open the windows and doors and go outdoors for fresh air. It could be a case of carbon monoxide poisoning, and you need to consult your healthcare professional about it.

3. Proper ventilation is a must

Unfortunately, carbon monoxide isn’t easily detected as it doesn’t have any particular taste or smell. Carbon monoxide starts accumulating if your gas heater isn’t serviced or working properly. This, in turn, reduces the amount of oxygen your body receives, which is the cause for these symptoms.

This can be avoided by a simple annual gas heater repair service and proper ventilation in the room by keeping an air vent, door or window ajar for easy air circulation. Though cold air enters the room and the gas heater needs more time and energy to heat the room, the small draft of fresh, oxygenated air helps with your room’s ventilation.

So it’s always better to have your gas heater serviced just before the cold winter months to be sure it will keep you warm in cold temperatures. Besides an annual servicing, you can also periodically vacuum the heater’s ducts and grills to get rid of dust and facilitate the easy flow of heated air through the room. This should, however, be done only after switching off the gas heater or after heating repair, and when it cools down.

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DIY Air Conditioning Installation May Cost You More Than You Thought!

If you look at things logically, DIY is comparatively cheaper than paying people to work for you. While this does apply to most jobs, some jobs are better left to the professionals, like an air conditioning installation.

Air conditioning installation is no small job; in fact, you risk spending more money on its installation if you attempt to do it yourself! This is because while the installation procedure may look easy on TV, it isn’t. Novices like you generally end up creating so many problems that need much more money than a professional installation to rectify. Read on to learn more about these problems.

  1. Wrong installation

One of the important factors to consider while installing air conditioners is its perfect position as ACs installed in the wrong place can lead to increased utility bills and reduced cooling efficiency.

You thus end up spending more for utilities, which you could have saved and avoided if you had hired professionals to install your AC. Professionals know where to fit an air conditioner for maximum cooling of your home.

  1. No special savings

A professional fitting can save you money as many HVAC companies buy the necessary installation equipment and components at reduced rates. They then pass on these savings to you through a free or cheap air conditioning installation.

  1. Mistakes

Technicians know their job, and can easily fit an air conditioner. If you attempt to do it following online videos and instruction manuals, there are some things which aren’t mentioned in these tutorials and manuals.

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You may eventually end up installing the AC incorrectly wherein the air conditioner may end up not working at all. The only option now is to call the professionals to not only install your AC but also to rectify any mistakes you’d done! So you eventually end up spending more than you would have if you had called professionals in the first place!

  1. Wrong size

You risk buying and installing a smaller or bigger air conditioner than your cooling needs. As a novice, you don’t know how big an AC you should install to cool your room or home. However, AC experts install ACs on a regular basis and will be able to make the necessary load calculations and help you choose and install the right-sized air conditioner.

  1. Possible leakages

An improper installation of the air conditioning unit may lead to a leakage, and consequent reduced performance and efficiency. Not only are experts expensive for repairing leaks, there’s the possibility of the leak damaging the air conditioner if the leak goes undetected. This again spells much more in expenses than you would have saved in the first place.

  1. Insurance may increase

You may end up paying more for insurance with a DIY air conditioning installation as insurance companies consider DIY installed air conditioners risky. They thus pass on this risk to you through higher premiums, which add up to be more than the cost for an expert AC installation. You also risk getting your AC insurance omitted from your policy if you install a split system AC on your own!

If you look at things this way, it certainly looks like you will end up saving more money hiring experts for your air conditioning installation than attempting to do it on your own! Besides, you can always collect and compare quotes from a few installers to choose the company offering the best price for installing your AC.


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Top 5 Air Conditioning Installation Mistakes

Your regular air conditioning repair often plays an important role in your day-to-day well-being and comfort especially when you want to enjoy your home. Therefore, when you are installing an air conditioning within your home, you should make the right choices that may be less costly at the end in terms of dollars, but also in the quality of life that you will live. Here are the Top 5 air conditioning installation mistakes that you should know:

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Mistake Number 1: Letting personal building contractor handle the installation process of air conditioning

Many times, you are installing air conditioning mainly as part of a bigger renovation project. In such cases, you should ensure you hire a certified HVAC company or a building contractor to install the air conditioning. Why say this? Any air conditioning is a complex system, which you must hire air conditioning Melbourne experts when doing the installation process. When you hire a qualified HVAC installer especially who understands both your needs as well as the equipment, they will tune the system as per the requirements and the specifications of the manufacturer in your space. Ultimately, your equipment will be more reliable with less wear or tear on its parts. You will experience fewer breakdowns and more comfort that is consistent in your home.

Mistake Number 2: Doing a poor HVAC design and load calculation

When you are renovating a home, you should change many things such as the layout, probably the square footage, the space usage and the used building materials. You must consider these factors when determining the correct size of your new unit, equipment components and the ventilation placement.

Among the biggest mistakes, that you can do is automatically by replacing an old unit with one, which is new to help you with your design. By adding new energy efficient doors and windows, you will do a better insulation as well as lighting, which produces less heat.

Mistake Number 3: Not considering clearly the HVAC design in its renovation process

For you to get the best results, you need to install air conditioning by considering many factors, not just a plugging it in a new one. By enlisting any form of experienced air conditioning expertise of installation of a company during renovation design process to eliminate many problems, which includes comfort complaints from improper ventilation design, air quality concerns, poor energy efficiency to lead to installing air conditioning mistakes and construction delays.

Mistake Number 4: Not considering the latest technology of HVAC

HVAC technology for many years has been changing with an aim of enhancing efficiency. Through this, you will miss an important opportunity when improving performance while enhancing the space comfort to save more on energy costs.

The systems use today focuses on more precise and digital controls, you can designs an adjustment in terms of the level of cooling and heating to individual areas or rooms in the space. For example, using a VRF (refrigerant flow) system will provide consistent comfort while using less energy.

Mistake Number 5: Not hiring a good company to services after installation

Once you do your installation, you should hire a good air conditioning Sydney company to services after installation that will help you during the time as you use it. While the systems will offer supplemental heating as well as air conditioning, they will cool many rooms in your house simultaneously.

In conclusion, the above are the top 5 air conditioning installation mistakes that you should know.

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