ducted heating repairs

Signs That The Ducted Heating System Needs Repairs

In winters, it is a wonderful feeling to get back to your home after a long day of being at work or on the streets. The Ducted heating system makes the home warm, cozy, and comforting. It is effective, efficient, and easy to control, and the air gets evenly distributed throughout the house with the help of ducts which are connected throughout the house. It is also aesthetically pleasing. Although a ducted heating system is easy to maintain, it is necessary to check it from time to time to see if it needs servicing or any kind of repairs. Although it is advised to get the duct heating system serviced at least once a year, people often neglect to get their ducted heating repairs saying that it has become old or the repairs are not that necessary.

Signs that the ducted heating system needs repairs:

  • When the system starts making loud noises which are different than the regular normal sounds.
  • If the system begins blowing cold air or inadequate air.
  • When you can smell carbon-monoxide or other strange smells from the air vents or in the house.
  • When you use it after a long time, say summers, and there are dust and moulding around the system or the air vents.
  • When the walls surrounding the ducts, vents or pipes start getting hot.
  • The thermostat is not working properly.
  • The ducts have split and not blowing the air properly.
  • The pilot lighting is not working.

Sometimes a ducted heating system requires a small fix. A little tinkle here and there may do the job. If it is just dust, cleaning the air vents sometimes may also do the trick. But a duct heating system is an expensive purchase for the house, and it is better if the repairing work is left in the hands of the professionals. Every area has a local company which takes care of the duct heating repairs. Most of the ducted heating repairs do not receive a lot of time and are easy to fit in one’s busy schedule. Find one within your budget and ask them to solve the problem with your ducted heating system.

Broadly a duct heating repair will consist of the following:

  • A gas leakage check. It will also include a test for carbon monoxide levels in the duct heating system.
  • A check on if all the ducts are ensuring proper air flows throughout the home.
  • Professionals also check for any holes in the pipes or cracks in the system
  • All the components are checked to see if they are correctly running and if any part requires change or up gradation.
  • A proper and thorough cleaning of the system, ducts, air vents, and pipes to get rid of moulds and dust.
  • A check is made for the gas pressures being emitted. Sometimes something simple as a low or high gas pressure can cause the ducted heating to falter.
  • The filters delicately opened are also adequately cleaned.
  • The pilot ignition and burners are also checked for.