Should you leave your air conditioner OFF or ON when you are away?

Your air conditioner gives an ideal temperature for your day-to-day comfort and well-being in the heat of the summer. According to some estimates, air conditioner consumes up to seventy per cent of the energy bill in warmer regions during summer months.

To help reduce electricity bills from AC usage, most homeowners always look for efficient ways to use air conditioning systems because misconceptions about how your air conditioner is used can lead to various issues.

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When it comes to efficient use of air conditioner, one debatable topic that crosses everyone’s mind is – should AC be turned ON or left OFF when you leave for work?

The answer depends on various conditions such as the amount of time you will be away whether few minutes for a dog walk or hours for work or weeks for vacations, type of your living space whether a condo or simple-family home, etc.

Most homeowners would agree that keeping the air conditioner on all day like a refrigerator may not a good idea because it can maximize your energy bills, while also adversely affecting the long-term health of the air conditioning units.

Most energy conservation agencies also suggest that it is better to turn off the AC if you are leaving for more than few hours. Yes, your home may get warmed up while you are away, but your air conditioner will make your home cooled within a few minutes of your arrival.

And you can also try setting your thermostat to turn off your AC at the time you leave for work and set it to turn back on few minutes before arriving home. This can help regulate temperature, while also saving big dollars in your summer AC bill.

However, despite knowing that, some homeowners believe that leaving the air conditioner on at a regulated temperature can help keep fresh air circulating and give the comfort of an already cool indoor when they come back home. And they are of the opinion that it may pressurize the AC unit when constantly turning on and off. They perceive that a warm house may consume even more energy in the cooling process. So, they think it is good to keep the house moderately cool by maintaining the temperature.

Whether you keep your air conditioner ON or OFF during your absence, here are some simple and yet crucial things you should follow to help lessen the strain on your AC system and help them run properly, while also saving money on your electricity bills:

  • Make sure you regularly change your filter and service your system annually
  • Make sure you keep your doors and windows closed while our AC is running
  • Have shades or drapes during the heat of the day
  • Have a reliable A/C contractor to check and maintain your ductwork and refrigerant levels